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As a practicing designer and photographer I take pleasure in walking around the built environment with a camera in hand, taking some small part away with me. These collected portions – of structures, surfaces, materials and light – are later unpacked and ordered in an effort to find new harmonies between their parts.


This body of work explores both the aesthetic qualities of certain architectural practices to which I am drawn as well as capturing my own personal responses to space and the elements that form, bound and contain it.  


Through a patient and conscious exercise in reduction I restrict the viewfinder’s scope, eliminating the superfluous, in a search for the abstract essence, a suggestion of serene space. Reducing images to their essential elements enables me to concentrate on finding strong compositions within the complex. Fragments of reality are reinterpreted to infer my thoughts and ideals.


In a sense I am a collector. I collect portions of buildings and objects and create a dialogue between their parts based on commonalities and difference, between the duality of order and pattern, material and rhythm, line and texture, repetition and simplicity. Composition becomes the key to not only the individual images, but to creating a sense of dialogue between these new pairings.


For me, space and the architectural forms within it, have the capacity to inspire sensations of calm and peace. It is hoped that these pairings reflect something of this feeling I have by offering an experience of quiet observation. In an effort to find meanings and connections between each work, the viewer is given a refreshing small pause to quieten, to soothe and to question. 

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